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Cancer Insurance & Critical Illness Insurance - Online Quotes

Cancer & Critical Illness Insurance

Simple Online Application.

Simple Underwriting: (No Medical Required!)

Simple Claims Process.



What is Cancer & Critical Illness Insurance?


Cancer and Critical Illness Insurance is  "Living Insurance."


Because of medical advancements, most people are living through a diagnosis and for many years after!  It's insurance that allows you to use the lump-sum payout, entire amount, however it is that you need to use it to maintain your life.  Health insurance is designed to pay the doctors, hospitals, pharmacists, etc.  Cancer Insurance pays directly to YOU,regardless of what health insurance pays or does not pay, VA benefits, long term care insurance, etc. and is paid upon diagnosis.  Life Insurance pays your beneficiaries when you pass away.  But this insurance pays you to help you while you Live.  


If you or your spouse ever receives a diagnosis, the last thing you should worry about is money.  By purchasing a policy BEFORE A DIAGNOSIS OCCURS, it is designed to remove the stress.  With medical advancements, chances are, you WILLsurvive!  This insurance will help you while you LIVE!



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"We have a 60% greater chance of being diagnosed with a critical illness before the age of 65 and surviving than dying."



*This is Not Health Insurance

*Insurance Company Pays Money Directly to You!

*Pays regardless of any other insurance you own!

*Easy Claims Process

*No Medical

*No Network

*No Coordination of Benefits

*Submit Claims Directly to Insurance Company

*Policies Provide Limited Benefits




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