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Cancer Insurance & Critical Illness Insurance - Online Quotes

Compare Critical Illness and Cancer Plans

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The first online comparison site that allows you to Compare Cancer and Critical Insurance Plans!


Critical Illness Policies - UP TO $100,000 / Cancer Plans - UP TO $50,000


  •  Smokers and Non-Smokers Considered For Coverage.
  •  Simple Online Application. Simple Underwriting (No Medical Required)

-Help protect your savings and assets from expenses that are not covered by your major medical health insurance policy.

-Cash paid directly to you to cover your high deductible, in and out of network co-insurance, and loss of income while recovering from treatment, travel out of network, time off work, etc.

-We have a 60% greater chance of being diagnosed with a critical illness before the age of 65, and surviving the cancer instead of dying


What is Cancer & Critical Illness Insurance?


Critical Illness Insurance-Broader coverage that Pays a Lump Sum of CASH DIRECTLY TO YOU upon diagnosis of internal cancer, heart attack, stroke, coma, severe burns, kidney failure and a list of other critical illnesses as covered by the insurance company. Our insurance companies have a variety of coverage's that differ based on the policy (please see each policy for details). Additional coverage on some policies may include coverage for Alzheimer's, loss of limb, blindness and/or deafness, major organ transplant, MS, paralysis, loss of limbs, severe burns, Occupational HIV coverage for medical professionals. Some critical illness insurance policies refund the premiums paid if the insured dies while the policy is in force from something not covered on the policy (please check the brochure and policy for this benefit). Critical Illness coverage will cost a little more than cancer insurance but it provides broader coverage. Please refer to the brochures to download next to your quote for detailed summary of benefits.


Cancer Insurance-Pays a Lump Sum Directly TO YOU that you choose upon a diagnosis of internal cancer only.  Great coverage for cancer only or if you don't qualify for Critical Illness coverage due to a pre-existing condition (such as heart disease or stroke)


Critical Illness Insurance Coverage is best suited for:


-Anyone who has a family history of cancer, heart disease, stroke or other critical illness

-Anyone who is concerned about not having an adequate income to absorb the critical illness costs not covered by traditional insurance.

-Spouses of high wage earners - if a doctor, lawyer or executive has to spend time away from work to care for a sick spouse, the business suffers. If the spouse has critical illness coverage, the family can immediately afford to hire in-home care, a nanny or other service providers to keep the home running smoothly.

-Stay at home moms who cannot obtain disability insurance coverage.  (same scenario as above)

-Single parents who rely on one income. (same scenario as above)

-Self employed clients and other high wage earners who have capped out their Disability Income Insurance limits (especially families who are unable to live at 60% of their income).

-People in high-risk jobs often do not qualify for disability insurance. However, those occupations - such as firefighters, long-haul truck drivers or police officers may qualify for critical illness insurance (and some policies have coverage for severe burns and HIV coverage for Medical Professionals).

-Individuals and Families with High Deductible, High Co-Insurance, High Out of Network plans.


You may think, "But I have Health Insurance, I am covered!"    If you do not have extra savings set aside for a major illness, and do not want to deplete your savings and retirement funds, one does not have many options. Health insurance, if you're lucky enough to have it, unfortunately doesn't "pay for everything."  Think about friends and family members who have been through the financial devastation of a critical illness or cancer treatment. How long was the illness and how long did they receive treatment? Did they have a high deductible health plan and go out of network for treatment? How long were they off work? Did they have travel costs? How much did they have to come up with from their savings? $10,000, $20,000, $30,000 or more?


Cancer can be a very expensive disease for the patient and family members to receive the proper treatment needed. Experimental treatments and medications are typically not covered by insurance and this money will allow a patient to afford those costs and have a better quality of life. Also, the money can be used for all of the non medical bills that will eventually begin to stack up. Most patients will need to take time off of work this money will help pay in addition to disability insurance, since typically disability insurance only covers a portion of your paycheck (usually around 60%). It will also help pay for travel expenses, lodging, and meals for the caregiver, spouse, friend, or family member. Who pays your mortgage? Car payments? Car Insurance? This is why Cancer and Critical Insurance is so needed.


Cancer and Critical Illness policies provide a one lump sum payout and can be used however you need to use the money! The payout helps to:


 -Pay the mortgage

 -Pay car payment

 -Pay light bills

 -Pay out of pocket medical bills, deductibles, co-insurance, out of network, and items not covered by insurance (such as some experimental treatment)

 -Pay for travel expenses for treatment at a cancer center of excellence

 -Pay the difference in your short term disability insurance from work or that your spouse is off work taking care of you or vice versa.

-The payout is a lump sum, cash payment.  It's your money and you aren't told how to spend it


 Cancer and Critical Illness Insurance:


*Is not traditional Health Insurance- Insurance companies pay the policyholder/client directly, not the hospitals or doctor
*Pays regardless of any other Health & Medical Insurance
*No Itemized Payouts- Submit diagnosis summary only, not continued "explanation of benefits"
*No Medical Tests - Simplified Underwriting no medical testing required!
*No "network"
*Submit claim directly to insurance company


*Individual must be cancer free for 10 years to qualify. (Cancer Insurance and Full Critical Illness coverage is not available for those who are currently diagnosed. Please click on the "contact us" button on the left for other options)


Unfortunately, some individuals wait until after a medical problem has been diagnosed before they consider supplemental coverage for cancer or other critical illnesses. If you are genetically in a high-risk group, the best time for you to purchase additional healthcare insurance is while you are still healthy.



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